Tourist Bitten And Injured After Reaching Through Electric Fence To Pet A Lion

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Video footage has recently surfaced of a 55-year-old man being bitten by a lioness during a tour of a wildlife park.

Pieter Nortje, the man who was identified in the clip below, was with his wife when the attack happened at the park.

The pair were visiting the Tikwe River Lodge in South Africa, a wildlife park that offers tours to the public.

The couple was in the middle of their tour when they were taken to the lion enclosure.

However, there are signs everywhere stating not to touch or pet the animals, as well as the electric fence that was separating the animals from the visitors.

However, despite all of the warnings in the park, Nortje decided that he was going to reach in and pet the two lions that came up to the fence.

While the first lion didn’t react aggressively and actually seemed to enjoy the attention, the second one immediately grabbed ahold of his arm and tried to pull him closer.

Nortje’s wife started to yell that the lion was biting him at that point.


Nortje was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital after the attack. He suffered from a condition known as septic shock, which can happen after a severe infection.

He is lucky to be alive as the survival rate for septic shock may be anywhere from 25% to 50%.

The wildlife park has since denied all responsibility for the attack, reminding the public that there are warning signs everywhere, as well as an electric fence.

A South African game ranger stated that he is actually lucky that the lioness wasn’t that hungry when she grabbed his arm and that she really isn’t used to killing her own live prey.

Nortje is still in recovery after the attack.

You can watch the video for yourself HERE:

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