Mom Reveals Red Marks On Daughter’s Ankles After Nursery Staff ‘Taped Her Shoes On’

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As a parent, the problem with modern life these days is just how much time is spent working so you can provide a good life for your child.

With costs climbing and wages staying low, many parents are forced to both work, leaving their child in the care of a daycare center.

Of course, considering just how precious any child is are and how young some of these children are, you would expect that a facility dedicated to the care of young children would be caring and gentle.

Alas, that wasn’t the experience Jessica Hayes’s 17-month-old daughter had.

Hayes is a single mother who has to spend most of her day working to provide for her toddler.

Because of this, she regularly leaves the girl in the capable hands of the staff at Pleasant Hill daycare, a daycare center located in Elkin, North Carolina.

Normally, she is quite satisfied with the service. The latest incident that had occurred when she picked up her daughter from the daycare, however, has made her understandably mad.

Upon viewing the photos Hayes has uploaded to Facebook, it is immediately apparent just why Hayes was outraged.

There are multiple layers of masking tape wrapped tightly around the girl’s ankles and feet.


The tape was pasted directly against the child’s skin and tight enough that you can see how it was digging into her flesh.

Image Credit: Jessica Hayes/Facebook

Hayes expressed her thoughts on how she was upset over the whole incident, as it was clear that whoever performed the deed was severely annoyed by the little girl constantly taking her shoes off.

It was an act done out of aggravation against a child who didn’t know any better.


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