Couple’s Newborn Passes Away – 4 Days Later A Call From Hospital Turns Their World Upside Down

Katie and Josh Butler from Nashville Tennessee were excited about becoming parents for the first time as they approached the birth of their new child.

However when the couple went in for a 20-week routine checkup doctors discovered here was a problem. During the ultrasound it transpired that the baby’s development was a concern and serious risks were involved.

Dewey, was born but was swept away to the NICU when he arrived as doctors tried to save his life from the unknown problem. Unfortunately Dewey passed away after 132 days as he was receiving a routine operation to give him a feeding tube.

Josh and Katie were stricken with grief however they didn’t realise that something in the hospital that would change their world.

One day out of the blue, Katie and Josh received a call from the nurse at the NICU who was close to them. Naturally they were surprised when the phone rang. The nurse recalled that the Butlers speaking about fostering children and a young baby boy, named Brax, was now on the fifth floor of the hospital.

Brax had chronic respiratory failure, pulmonary hypertension and tracheomalacia. For 11 months he was unable to leave the hospital as he was attached to a trach-vent. His parents were unable to care for him and had abandoned him but doctors believe that he would improve as he grew.


When Katie and Josh met Brax, they immediately decided to foster the young boy. From that point on he became a part of their loving family where his condition began to improve gradually..

Being surrounded by love from his foster parents helped him to heal.

In September 2017 Katie and Josh adopted Brax. Although they still miss Dewey and feel the loss but they are glad that he is not suffering. They feel that through his loss they gained someone who had a need for them.

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