French Bulldog Puppy Stolen And Found Dead Tied To Gatepost, Family Asking For Help Identifying Culprits

It’s never easy to understand why some people mistreat innocent animals. A vast majority of pets provide nothing but unconditional love and only expect attention in return.

Unfortunately, there are some malicious people who would go out of their way in order to hurt a pet. Many of these animals aren’t able to defend against their assailants.

A devastated family is currently struggling with such an incident. During a home invasion, this family had their puppy stolen.

He was later found tied to the gate outside of their home. The puppy was dead. The family is attempting to find the person responsible for this horrific and heartless attack.

The dog’s owners are currently trying to identify the owner of a vehicle that was seen fleeing the house.

Gemma Knowles, the owner of the puppy, has launched an appeal to raise support and awareness about the incident.

She is determined to find the criminals who stole her dog and then returned his corpse.


Andrew Bolland, Gemma’s partner, was able to obtain CCTV footage from his neighbor’s camera.

The footage shows a black car driving down their street at the same time the robbery was committed.

This CCTV video also shows the family’s Mercedes following behind the vehicle in question.

It was also stolen during the home invasion. Wilma, the family’s bulldog puppy, can be seen in the back of the vehicle.

In an interview with Lancashire Telegraph, Andrew guessed that the robbers were in his home for around seven minutes.

He also mentioned the amazing support that his family has received regarding the loss of his beloved dog.

The family is dedicated to learning the identities of the perpetrators in order to bring them to justice.

The CCTV footage has been given to the police to aid their investigation into the robbery.

A spokesperson for the local police department has confirmed that there haven’t been any arrests made in association with the robber.

Authorities are still actively investigating the incident. It’s of vital importance that this story is spread wide and far to help increase the chances that these criminals are found.