Desperate Dad Begs People To Take His Resume. Then The Job Offers Started Rolling In

In Arizona, one dad suffered the sting of the first signs of a down-turning economy. Patrick Hoagland was laid off from his job at the metal recycling company and is now desperate to find something new to do to help keep food on the table for his growing family. While Hoagland could sit at home applying to jobs online, he decided to do something different.

Hoagland printed out a stack of copies of his resume and then went out on the street in the 100-degree Arizona heat to hand his resume out to complete strangers in the hopes of landing a better job than the one he had before.

30-year-old Hoagland proved that he had the drive to succeed. Instead of staying home and wallowing in the grief of being laid off, he took action and got out there to give away his resume to any potential employer he wandered into.

Although Hoagland had applied to a lot of jobs online, it was not working.

“I wasn’t getting any responses,” he told Good Morning America. “I was getting frustrated. It popped into my head, stand on a corner, and hold a sign and hand out resumes. At first, I laughed about it…and then it kind of went crazy.”

While a traditional resume is focused on work, Hoagland re-wrote his resume to show prospective employers that he was intent on providing for his family.


Besides stating that his first objective is “to provide a better life for my family” and to “have a positive impact on people and things around me,” he lists his top skills as being a “fast learner,” an “excellent problem solver,” and having the ability to “establish rapport with people from different backgrounds and cultures.”

Melissa DiGianfilippo noticed Hoagland passing out his resume at the busy Phoenix intersection. She was impressed with his courage to do so.

DiGianfilippo is the mastermind behind Serendipit Consulting. She was impressed with Hoagland’s persistence and determination despite the hot temperatures. She shared a snap of his resume and posted it on social media.

“Hey, friends! I was driving down Camelback Road near my office and spotted this guy, Patrick, on the side of the road with a huge smile on his face in 110-degree heat, with a sign asking people to please take his resume.”

She added, “I love that he was not asking for a handout, just for people to consider him for a job. Here’s a pic of his resume. Can you help me by sharing this post to help get this guy a job?”

Hoagland is a skilled employee. He was simply laid off because of the first signs of the down-turning economy. He has experience working as a mechanic and crane operator. That’s why he got a lot of job offers quickly.

Hoagland announced that he had accepted a job as a concrete grinder at Flatline Concrete, which the dad called a “dream job scenario.”

What do you think about this dad’s determination to provide for his family by any means necessary?