Epstein Admitted He Knew The Secrets Of Powerful People Before His Death

When the news broke that Jeffrey Epstein had allegedly taken his life in prison, people across the United States could smell a conspiracy. Americans on the right claim that it was the Clintons who killed Epstein, while those on the left think that Trump and his followers murdered the president’s former friend.

Not only was Epstein prepared to snitch on the rich and famous who shared his pedophilic tendencies and drug abuse standards, but he was also proud of being a sex offender, and therefore people confided their “dirty secrets” with him.

Last year, The New York Times published a column about Epstein, in which the financier, spoke about his pride in being a sex offender for his crimes as a child rapist and that this pride in the name attracted other celebrities and rich people to confide in him. Because Epstein, who was a friend of Trump’s, had information about the rich and famous and their dirty secrets, it was thought that he was working with the FBI to snitch on these people so he could get a reduced sentence.

The details about his list of celebrities were quite long as he bragged to New York Times columnist James B. Stewart back on August 16, 2018, from his mansion in New York. Epstein admitted that he possessed a treasure trove of information concerning his sex offender friends, the rich and famous.

Epstein, who was already a registered sex offender at the time of his death, told Stewart that he knew all about the dirty secrets of the rich and famous, possibly including the sitting president. Stewart shared the information on Monday just days after Epstein was found hanging from his jail cell in Manhattan. He remembered arriving at Epstein’s home and being greeted by a young blonde who might not yet have been in her twenties.


“The overriding impression I took away from our roughly 90-minute conversation was that Mr. Epstein knew an astonishing number of rich, famous, and powerful people, and had photos to prove it. He also claimed to know a great deal about these people, some of it potentially damaging or embarrassing, including details about their supposed sexual proclivities and recreational drug use.” Although Epstein did not share any names when he spoke to Stewart, he was happy to speak about his past and the actions that led him to become a registered sex offender.

Epstein wore that title like a badge of honor until the day he died. Epstein wetted his lips as he told Stewart he became a registered sex offender after he was caught trying to buy the affection of underage girls for prostitution. He even admitted that he was a “pariah in polite society.”

“At the same time, he seemed unapologetic. His very notoriety, he said, was what made so many people willing to confide in him. Everyone, he suggested, has secrets and he added compared with his own, they seemed innocuous. People confided in him without feeling awkward or embarrassed, he claimed.”

Stewart wanted to speak to Epstein about his relationship with Elon Musk. Before his conviction, Epstein often spent times with Donald Trump, including a few extramarital trysts at Mar-a-Lago.