30 Pinterest Life-Hacks Debunked – Find Out What Works and What Doesn’t

Life-hacks are great – when they work. If you have ever thought that someone should actually try out those little tips and tricks to make sure that they are legitimate, you are in luck. This video goes through 30 of the most popular life hacks from amplifying your phone to how you can safely seal a bag of chips to keep them from getting stale.

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All of the hacks are debunked meaning that you can find out if they actually work or if somebody was just blowing off steam when they wrote them. There are tons of hacks out there from ways of keeping your plastic straw from floating to how to properly and easily fold a fitted sheet. There are even life hacks for how you can slice those tiny cherry tomatoes and cut an onion without tearing up.

Well, now those hacks are really put to the test. If you have ever wondered whether or not they actually work, now is your chance to find out.

Want to use your Doritos for kindling at your next campfire? Maybe you should watch the debunked life hacks first to find out if it is worth wasting those yummy chips before you throw them all in the fire.