Years ago, say around 60, before air conditioning was a major feature in every home, there existed in the desert a great and wondrous thing called a ‘swamp cooler’. Many desert folk still haven’t converted to traditional air conditioning because the swamp cooler works so well. It’s truly magical. Infuses the home with sweet cool airy fine mist that lasts. Real swamp coolers are big metal things in attics, but you can essentially make one yourself out of a foam cooler, a fan, a dryer vent, and some duct tape.

Sponsored Sponsored has posted a video that shows you how to make this make-shift air conditioner step by step. Most of that 15 minutes is going out to the garage to get the stuff. The video does do some cut scenes, but it looks like it might take around five minutes to make once you’ve gathered the materials. It might not be a permanent solution, but it is an economical and it’ll be great for right now solution. Check the video out at the link below and get a little closer to cooling off.