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We all know that hanging a few pegboards in the garage can help add some useful space, but did you know that they work as wonderful organizational tools in just about every room? Here is a list of some of our all-time favorite DIY pegboard projects. You won’t believe how easily they can help you stay organized!


Mudroom Pegboard

mudroom pegboard

This is a great way to keep all of your “miscellaneous stuff” that usually ends up scattered around a mudroom or basement. If you arrange the items so that they are actually easy to get to, you may actually pick them up and use them every once in a while!


Kitchenware Pegboard

cooking ware pegboard

Searching for an economical way to create more space in your kitchen? If so, then look no further! Add a pegboard to any free wall and use it as a space to hang all of your culinary must-haves.

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Cabinet Pegboard

cabinet pegboard

If you’re relying on placing your keys, chargers, or other important items in a junk drawer, then we bet you end up doing a lot of digging! Instead, tack a small pegboard to the inside of an easily-accessible cabinet. It’s a great way to avoid some early-morning drama!


Tool Storage Pegboard

tool storage

We know, we know, you may already be using a pegboard as tool storage, but if you’re not, you are definitely missing out! It’s a seriously great way to put your prized tools on display.

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