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Having a unique bookshelf is a fun way to add a cool accent piece to your home. But finding something to stand out and suit your style can be difficult when you’re looking at store-bought pieces. The best way to find the perfect piece is to make it yourself. You can create something on the easier end of DIY projects or something imaginatively intricate when it comes to bookshelves.

Here are 17 DIY bookshelf ideas that you’ve probably never seen before:

Box Shelf

This is the DIY projects of all DIY projects. All you need is some lightweight wooden box and office binder clips for this project. EASY!


Hanging Ladder Book Shelf

Antique ladders can be modified and hung on the wall as a book shelf and great focal piece.



Plank Ladder Book Shelf

You can also stand the ladder up as normal and place a wooden plank through the legs of the ladder.


Floating Book Shelf

Add some mystique to your home with this floating book shelf that is made with a few simple brackets.

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Papered Shelf

Add some wallpaper or contact paper to the underside of some hanging shelves for a pop of color.


Hollowed Out Vintage TV

You can put pretty much anything in a hollowed out vintage TV and it would look cool. Why not some books?


Old Drawer

Glue some cool paper to the back of your shelf and hang it on the wall to make a really cute and easy DIY bookshelf.


Pipe Shelving

You can get real creative with this pipe shelving idea. There are tons of variations on what you can do with pipe shelving.


Rolling Book Shelf

This is another fairly simple DIY project. Take a plank, nail some casters to it, place some wire racks on top and then plop another plank on it and you’re done-zo.


Rope Book Shelf

This crafty piece doesn’t require giant holes in your wall. We likey… and so does our landlord.

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