If you’re a seasoned DIYer, then you already know that toilet paper rolls are one of the very best materials to use for upcycling projects! You wouldn’t believe it, but these versatile, cardboard doo-dads can be repurposed into everything from phone holders to ornaments to hair curlers. Who would have thought?!

Here are 13 of our all-time favorite ways toilet paper rolls have saved us money AND gotten us organized. For full tutorials, be sure to click on the links below.


Organize loose cables


Toilet paper rolls serve as a perfect home for the most disastrous cable tangles. Simply separate, coil, label, stick each cable in its own cardboard roll, then place inside a box. You’ll never be stuck searching for that elusive HDMI cord again!


Display a festive DIY wreath


Show off your creativity with this one-of-a-kind Christmas craft. The holiday season has never been so shabby-chic!


Keep your gift wrap under control



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One simple slice can stop a potential gift wrap unspooling disaster in its tracks. Smart!


Light it up


Listen up, campfire enthusiasts. Don’t get caught spending your hard-earned cash on pricey fire starters when you can make your own from 100% upcycled materials!


Craft your own birthday party decorations


What better way to dress up your birthday celebration photos than by displaying these adorable crown table toppers? For a unique table seating hack, just add your guests’ names to the bases of the crowns. Cute!


Plant some seeds


It doesn’t get more eco-friendly than these upcycled toilet paper roll seedling pots.


Dress the tree