It can be nice to be able to work in cozy office when others have to do their jobs outside in the rain or on a factory line, but there are some disadvantages to a desk job that could damage your health.

Multiple studies indicate that people who sit for prolonged periods of time can suffer from cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

Thankfully, we have a series of mini-exercises that you can do right at your desk – no equipment required! Just grab a sturdy chair and get stretching:

Knee-to-Chest Lift

How It Helps:

Strengthens your abdominal muscles, improves your digestion and helps to burn fat.

How You Do It:

  • Sit down on a chair with a straight spine. Do not let your back touch the chair
  • Place your feet on the floor, hip-width apart
  • With a straight back, lift your right knee and pull to your chest – keep your belly sucked in
  • Put your hands on your shin and draw the knee closer.
  • Repeat 20-30 times by alternating your knees

Double Knee Lift

How It Helps:

It works all of your belly muscles effectively and gently at the same time.

How You Do It:

  • Bring your legs together
  • Hold the sides of the chair with both hands
  • With a straight back, lift your knees and pull them to your chest – flex your abdominal muscles.
  • Put your feet down, but don’t touch the floor
  • Repeat 10-20 times

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