If you are interested in things like tiny cabin designs, small house living and tiny house cost you will want to take a look at this video. This family walks you through some of the decisions that have to be made when it comes to tiny cabin designs and small house living. Small house living is possible with a family of four. Take a look as they go to the Home Depot and try to plan out what their tiny shed design will look like. The family looks at a backyard shed to live in and how they will utilize the space to live comfortably. The video might make you reassess your own living plans, or you might just think they are crazy. Either way, it’s interesting to see how other people are small house living and living life on their terms. The tiny cabin design in the form of a backyard shed has two lofts for sleeping along with enough room for a living room/kitchen open space, along with a table/work area for eating and working. The family is into off-grid life living with an off-grid house that nurtures their souls. They want to live with no electricity, no sewer, no internet and live life to its fullest.

This is a family who loves minimalism and the process of getting things sold and given away, which has freed up so much of their space. In the video, you will find out how the mom goes to thrift shops to try and save money for the things she needs. It’s not always easy to move from one space to another, but in doing so, the family hopes to minimize their possessions and live more simply. There are different challenges to trying to live a more simple life, one that doesn’t cost so much and having less stuff. Can you imagine living in a garden shed? You would save a lot of money, and you might be surprised at the wide variety of garden sheds out there. There are a wide variety of tiny cabin designs, that would bring your tiny house cost down quite a bit. Of course, there are other tiny house designs to include tiny house on wheels, modular and prefab, but they can often cost more money than many people are willing to spend. A backyard garden shed, seems like the way to go if you want to try small house living, you would have to make sure that the tiny cabin design is properly insulated and warm enough for the colder months depending on where you live.




It seems these days that more and more people are trying to live a more simple life, but that’s not always easy when you have kids. This video shows that it is possible to live with a family of four in a smaller space, without as much of the stuff that most people collect. And while this might work for some families it won’t necessarily work for others. For many, small house living is a great way to live the life of your dreams, in a location that you enjoy spending time in.

You can watch this video on the Dirtpatcheaven YouTube channel. The site is about a family who homesteads on 1.57 acres in the state of Idaho. The family consists of a mom, dad, and their two daughters. The YouTube videos range from animal care to medicinal herbs and farm fashion. You can learn more about their small house living and tiny house cost on their blog at edibleoasisidaho.blogspot.com.



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