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As the years go by, your purses can pile up. There’s no point in holding onto old styles that you’ll never wear again, especially since they take up so much space in your closets. However, it’s a shame to throw them away since you’ve likely spent a good amount of money on them.

Well, you don’t have to. Here are 13 ways to repurpose your old pocketbooks.

Hanging Planter

Purses made great hanging planters.


Emergency Car Kit

Transform your purse into an emergency car kit by tossing in some aspirin, a snack, a tire iron, flare, and other essentials items and leave it in your car in case of an emergency. It’s a way better option than trying to shove all of that stuff into your glove compartment.




Never forget anything before you leave the house again. Attach your purse to your door handle and fill it with items you need to take with you, like those letters you keep forgeting to mail. This will help you to remember them.


Wall Art

Create a beautiful piece of wall art with your evening handbags.


Sewing Kit

Use an old or clutch purse to store your needles, thread, and other sewing items.

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